Advanced Laboratory & Medical Testing

The SMC laboratory is a full-service Clinical Laboratory. Our professional staff is dedicated to provide you with a friendly, respectful and considerate testing environment, while delivering fast, accurate and reliable test results. Lab services are available to patients of all ages.  Providing you and your family with top-quality healthcare solutions is the fundamental mission of our lab team. SMC Partners with The University of Nebraska Medical Center and The State of Iowa Hygienic Laboratory in order to expand our testing capabilities. The lab is certified by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA). The SMC Lab provides a wide range of services including:


Immunohematology (Blood Bank)





Special Chemistry





For additional information about medical testing options and our lab services, please call our Laboratory at 712-246-7487.


Lab Hours:

Monday-Friday: 7am – 7pm

Weekends: 9am – 12:30pm

The lab is staffed 24/7 for emergency analysis when clinic is not open.


Laboratory Professionals:


Laboratory Manager: Brenda Young MT (ASCP)

Mary Clark MLS (ASCP)

Bethany Bottaro MLS (ASCP)

Cassidy Sanson MT

Jon Slattery MT

Sydnie Nothwehr MT

Lindsey Wiesen MT

Darrion Binau

Jim Giddinge

Terri Ward

Shelley Sallach

Sadeana Viner

Jennifer Meyer

Savannah Parman



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Clinic Hours

Monday-Friday: 7-5:00pm

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Monday-Friday: 7-6:30pm Saturday-Sunday: 9-12:30pm