SMC named local sponsor for state Senior Health Insurance Information Program

Shenandoah Medical Center has been named an official sponsor for the Senior Health Insurance Information Program, a service of the State of Iowa. SHIIP and its volunteers provide free-of-charge counseling and information to people with questions about Medicare, Medicare supplement insurance, long term care insurance, and other health insurance. They can solve problems like these:

  • An Iowa woman held three long-term care policies, two Medicare supplement policies and five other health insurance policies of limited coverage. SHIIP reviewed the policies, pointing out duplication. As a result, she canceled several policies and saved $4,431 in insurance premiums annually.
  • A Northeast Iowa man was able to save $5,000 on his prescription drug costs after a SHIIP counselor helped him compare Medicare Part D drug plans.

These cases and many like them cost Iowans thousands of dollars each year. “SHIIP has a great track record for saving Iowans money and helping them with Medicare questions and problems,” said Kris Gross, director of the program with the State of Iowa’s Insurance Division. Annually the program saves Iowans on Medicare hundreds of thousands of dollars. “It’s an important service and we’re pleased to have Shenandoah Medical Center join us as a local sponsor site, in offering free, unbiased help to people on Medicare.

SHIIP volunteer counselors complete an extensive training program. Former SMC Dietician, Kay Wing, has recently completed this SHIIP training and is ready to assist individuals. Page/Fremont County residents can make an appointment to meet with Kay at Shenandoah Medical Center by calling 712-246-7258.

The State of Iowa created SHIIP in 1990 in response to the statewide need for senior health insurance information. SHIIP provides free informational materials as well as one-to-one assistance with Medicare coverage, Medicare supplement insurance, long-term care insurance, Medicare and insurance claims and other related issues. SHIIP does not recommend insurance companies, plans or agents. The volunteers, trained by the State of Iowa Insurance Division, answer questions and provide impartial information to help people on Medicare make well-informed decisions


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