Shenandoah Medical Center’s Stripe Honored at Clarkson College Event

Shenandoah Medical Center’s Mindy Stripe was recently honored with the 2019 Honorary Alumni Award from Clarkson College. The award ceremony was held on Friday evening September 27, 2019 at the Player’s Club in Omaha, Nebraska.  The purpose of this award is to recognize and honor an individual who is not a Clarkson College graduate but has strong commitment and extraordinary leadership to the organization, and has made significant contributions to the organization’s well-bring in support of its mission and goals.


Trish Weber who also teaches in the Radiography Program here at Clarkson College presented the award and referred to how Mindy is calm, patient, and always willing to teach. Weber also stated, “Mindy sets a great example for our students because of her excellent patient care skills and overall positive demeanor. She is well liked by the students and always a joy to visit with at clinical. Further, she truly demonstrates the Clarkson College Values of Learning, Caring, Commitment, Integrity and Excellence.” A Clarkson College student commented, “She is great to work with! She was always upbeat and willing to teach me. I was also grateful that she was willing to work with me to change my schedule if I needed to change something.”


Shelli Weddum, an alumna of Clarkson College, nominated Mindy for the annual award.


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