Patient Screening Procedure

Shenandoah Medical Center continues to make changes to its normal course of business to protect patients, families, and health care workers during the global outbreak of COVID-19. The following patient and visitor restrictions are being implemented effective Monday, April 6 at 8:00am. These restrictions are temporary and are subject to change as necessary.

  • The OB clinic will be moved upstairs away from patients with any known illness.
  • If an individual arrives to the clinic and is not feeling well, the patient will be instructed by a staff member to return to their car and first call the nurse triage line at (712) 246-7020.  Nurses and phone lines are dedicated to answer these calls during clinic hours. The nurse will triage sick patients over the phone and will instruct the patient as to next steps based on the following criteria:
    • If the patient has minimal symptoms with no risk factors, they will be asked to go home with specific instructions or offered an immediate virtual clinic visit with an SMC physician or nurse practitioner via Facetime or Google Duo.
    • If the patient is more ill, has risk factors, or comorbid disease, they will be offered an immediate virtual clinic visit.  The virtual clinic visit could take place in a designated parking space in the patient’s car in our parking lot or the patient could have this visit from their home.  If the patient does not have virtual clinic capability via Facetime or Google Duo, they will be offered a phone call with the provider. Our virtual clinic provider will call the patient and perform the visit.
    • If the provider orders a COVID-19 swab to be performed, the patient can simply be swabbed by a member of our lab personnel in the parking lot while they remain in their car.
    • If the nurse or virtual clinic provider feels the patient needs to be physically seen, the patient will then be directed to the main clinic entrance to be seen as a walk-in clinic patient.
    • If the patient is severely ill, they will be directed to the Emergency Department.

Shenandoah Medical Center expects that this new flow will greatly diminish the number of patients that need to enter the clinic building, thus limiting staff exposure and exposure to other patients. These process changes are being put in place to protect patients, families, and health care workers during the global outbreak of COVID-19.

If you develop a fever and/or respiratory symptoms, please continue to contact the Shenandoah Physicians Clinic COVID-19 triage line at 712-246-7020 prior to coming to the clinic. In case of emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.


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