Introducing Telehealth Services

Shenandoah Medical Center will launch telehealth services to assess patients’ needs by using virtual care that allows you to talk to a provider using audio/video capabilities. If the patient has a smart phone, or a computer/tablet with internet access, our SMC providers are able to evaluate virtual patients through audio/video by reviewing symptoms, medical history, medications and other relevant information. Based on the evaluation, the provider will give recommendations, which may include further testing, consultation, or prescribing a medication.

This new telehealth service will be available for all community members. This includes individuals who are not currently accessing services through Shenandoah Medical Center, who see healthcare providers at private practices or other regional hospitals in our area.

To schedule a telehealth visit, patients must call Shenandoah Medical Center directly at 712-246-7400. A member of our scheduling team will register the patient for an appointment with the next available telehealth opening with a provider. During the call, the patient should have all necessary items available for reference, including insurance information, if applicable.

Patients will be able to call and request a telehealth assessment starting Thursday, March 26, at 8 a.m.
Hours of operation for screening and telehealth services will be Monday-Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm.
For a complete list of Shenandoah Medical Center’s providers, telehealth information, or additional services and locations, please visit www.smchospital.com. Other information, including Shenandoah Medical Center news and patient updates, is available by following SMC’s Facebook page.


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