As most of you may have already noticed, recent patient information has not been visible in your FollowMyHealth (FMH) Patient Portal.  The cause for this is due to a recent migration to a new instance of our Altera Electronic Medical Record system that occurred on 8/1/23.  With that being said, all medical documentation and results after 7/31/23 that are set to transmit to your Patient Portal are not viewable, as many of you are currently connected to our previous, yet still active FollowMyHealth application (version 18.4).

What this means going forward:
Our new FollowMyHealth application (version 22.1) is currently active, however at this point it is requiring the user to “connect” to the new system as if you are a new patient.  There are two things that you can do:

  1. Some of you may have even seen an invitation email to connect to the new FollowMyHealth system, asking you to create a new account and connect, just like you did when you first signed up. If you have received this email, you may go ahead and complete the steps to connect to the new FMH 22.1.  If you decide to do this, go ahead and click on the “Click here to begin” link towards the bottom of the email.

Once you have done that it, will bring you to the initial sign up page.  From here, if you are already a FollowMyHealth user, you will want to select the button stating “Already a FollowMyHealth user?  Sign in and add this connection”.  From here you will want to use your current FollowMyHealth email and password to begin the 4-step process to connect your recent data to your account.  If you have not received an invite email, please send a message to with your first and last name, date of birth, and email associated with your current FollowMyHealth account.  If you are currently a user, we will manually send you the invite email.

2. The good news is we are currently working on an “auto-connect” interface that will merge all of your patient data from the old 18.4 FMH with the new 22.1 FMH application. Once this is complete, your health data, old and new will be presented together in the new 22.1 FMH.  Also, once this is completed there will be no action needed on your part to view all of your information, new or old.  So if you wish, you can just wait for the “auto-connect” to be implemented and no action will be needed on your part.


We will update this page as new information becomes available.  Thank you!

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