Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncologist, MD

Dr. Mo Abdi is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Medical School. He completed his
residency in Radiation Oncology at Queen's University Academic Health Science Centre, where
he served as the chief resident. Dr. Abdi's commitment to medical education was evident during
his time at Queen's University as he actively engaged in teaching medical students and residents.
His outstanding contributions earned him the prestigious Michael & Betty Dicketts Scholarship
in Medicine in 2019. He received Board Certification in Radiation Oncology from the College of
Surgeons and Physicians and started to practice in Iowa in 2019.

Dr. Abdi is currently the President of University of Minnesota Medical School Alumni Board.
There he advocates for the needs of rural physicians in the midwest and mentorship for medical

Dr. Abdi continues to be involved in research as associate editor at Advances in Radiation
Oncology for the past four years and will be presenting at ASTRO in 2023. The presentation on
checklists in radiation oncology is from his Masters in Education at Queen’s University.
Proficient in a wide range of advanced techniques, including SRS, FSRT, SBRT, and VMAT, Dr.
Abdi is excited to bring these cutting-edge treatments to the Roberts S. Holmes Family Cancer
Center in Shenandoah.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Dr. Abdi cherishes his time spent at his hobby farm with
his son and wife, Erica. They share a passion for rescuing horses and caring for their five cats. In
their leisure time, they enjoy biking, camping, and exploring national park

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