Financial, spiritual, emotional, social, occupational, as well as, physical should all be considered when working on your wellbeing. Shenandoah Medical Center has resources for you no matter where you are at on your wellbeing journey.

What is SMC Corporate Wellness?

Shenandoah Medical Center’s Corporate Wellness is a workplace wellness solution for your business or organization.  As employers, you are facing unprecedented challenges adapting to our worlds new normal.  Now, more than ever, the need to focus on physical and mental health and wellbeing is evident. By collaborating with SMC Corporate Wellness you are empowering your organization to drive positive employee engagement, decrease insurance claims and improve your wellness culture.  Workplace wellness is no longer a might have, it’s a must have.

Your partnership means a healthier community for all.  A healthy workforce results in a more productive workforce with less absenteeism, fewer accidents, lower health care demands, and greater overall savings by reducing the incidence of disease and disability.

Your employees would be encouraged to participate in education classes and disease screening that help identify and reduce health risks before serious health problems occur or allow better management of existing conditions.

That’s where Shenandoah Medical Center Corporate Wellness can help.

Why Workplace Wellness


For every year older an employee is, their insurance claims increase an average of $129 a year.


For every additional disability claim per employee, their insurance claims increase on average $30,027.

Average Steps

For every additional step an employee takes, their insurance claims go down by $.45 a year.


For every additional hour of FMLA claim an employee has, their insurance claims increase by $1,034.

Workplace Solutions

Lab Evaluation

On-site wellness screen offering 22 blood tests including cholesterol, blood sugar, thyroid, blood cell count and electrolytes.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

A survey screening tool to determine the health, risks and habits of an individual.

Lab Review

An annual private consultation between the employee and the Health Coach to discuss lab and HRA results.

Prevention Summary Roadmap

Preventative services recommended based on a patient’s specific demographic.

Annual Immunizations

Onsite flu shots offered to all employees at a reduced rate of $30 immunization in 2021.

Pre-work Job Screening

Series of tasks designed to asses a worker’s ability to perform physical or other demands of a job for which he/she has been hired.  This service can be offered at a fixed discounted rate of $25 per screening.

SMC Wellness Center Access

The Wellness Center at Shenandoah Medical Center combines state of the art equipment, comprehensive fitness programs and a team of professional trainers that work with individuals to develop and implement healthy lifestyle changes.  Access to the Wellness Center is included in most proposals.

Personal Training

Customized workout schedules based on health history, goals and current physical status.  Employees will be advised on proper exercise techniques to ensure proper form, strength and conditioning.  This service will be offered at a discounted rate of $25 per month.

Customized Services Brochure

The marketing team at SMC will develop a personalized brochure highlighting each service that will be provided to your employees.


Identification of undiagnosed diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Identification of undiagnosed thyroid conditions.

Identification of cardiac blockage in the heart which resulted in stent placement.

Decreased cholesterol.

Two tobacco users are now tobacco free.

Identified low iron levels.

SMC has seen its gross loss ratio on insurance claims decrease from 166.4% in early 2014 to 66.5% since starting the program.

Identified low iron levels.

Solutions For You

Each program includes the services listed below, but we are happy to create an unique program just for your employees. 


Interested in a Corporate Wellness Partnership?

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